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Just a quick link roundup of some indie film notes, including a few upcoming screenings here in DC. First, the Hirshhorn Museum will be screening Jem Cohen’s Chain. I had a chance to see Chain at the DC Underground Film Festival a few weeks ago and highly recommend seeing it. According to the Hirshhorn website, Cohen’s frequent artistic collaborator, Guy Picciotto, will be in attendance.

Playing this week at the Landmark E Street Cinema will be After Innocence, a documentary about innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades after new evidence became available (more information here). The screening is being promoted by the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, an organization that seeks the exoneration and release of persons who have been wrongfully committed of crimes. I’ll be travelling this weekend, so I won’t get to see the film until later this week, but it sounds like an interesting project.

I also want to add more information about Sujewa Ekanayake’s Date Number One, which I mentioned a few weeks ago in the context of my discussion of indie cinema. I’m not sure I realized it at the time, but Sujewa is a DC-based filmmaker and his blog is a great resource for keeping track of his work in distributing and promoting the film. Worth noting: On December 1, Sujewa will be giving a talk about his film at the Kensington Row Bookshop in Kensington, Maryland (yep, it’s easily Metroable).

Finally, a quick reminder that screenings of Robert Greenwald’s WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price will be taking place in a few short days (November 15-16). I’ll be attending one of the DC Drinking Liberally screenings on Wednesday, November 16.

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