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I’m flying to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon for the SAMLA conference, so if you’re planning to attend, send me an email (chutry[at]msn[dot]com) or drop by my panel (yes, it’s scheduled for 8 AM on a Saturday, but you know you want to attend). Thursday is turning into my day to work at home, which also allows me to satisfy my theory and pop culture jones.

In the bookbag:
Judith Butler’s Precarious Life, a collection of essays on post-9/11 politics. Several of the chapters should be relevant to an essay I’m writing, particularly her dicussion of “indefinite detention,” the practice of holding prisoners (some people might call them “detainees”) indefinitely without charging them with a crime. With yesterday’s Washington Post article about secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe, the so-called “black sites,” Butler’s arguments throughout the book continue to demonstrate their relevance.

Most of these songs are a few months old, but I’m really digging Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out),” and Matt Pond PA’s “City Song.”

Next to the DVD player:
I finally got my copy of the American Experience documentary, Tupperware and I’ll hopefully have something to say about it when I get back from Atlanta.


  1. Dylan Said,

    November 4, 2005 @ 12:26 pm

    If you are digging on Power Out, you might try “Wake Up” on the same album. It’s a great one.

  2. Chuck Said,

    November 6, 2005 @ 4:37 pm

    Ok, cool. I know I’ve heard several songs by Arcade Fire, but I have a bad memory for song titles.

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