Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre

I’ve been waiting for more information on the troubling story that the United States might have used “chemical weapons,” white phosphorus (banned by the Geneva Convention since 1980), in Fallujah. The UK Independent is reporting on an Italian documentary, Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre, that makes just such a claim. If the story is true (and some reasonable doubts have been raised), then it raises a number of questions. As Kos, from Daily Kos, asks, “What final thread of moral authority we still had is frayed beyond repair. Torture and the use of chemical weapons against civilians. How can Bush claim he is now any different than Saddam?”

Here’s an article from a Russian news source that repeats much of the information from the Independent article and more information from Democracy Now. Kos also links to the Italian station’s website, where some of the video evidence is available, but given the story’s significance, the website is getting lots of traffic and may take a while to load.

Update: Here’s Juan Cole’s take. BBC Online is also covering the story.

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