Lazy Wednesday Links

I’m heading out to the Wal-Mart movie screening in a few hours (I’ll write a review as soon as I possibly can) and while I should be doing other things, I found a few more links I’d like to preserve. First, via a Technorati tag search, I came across a cool film and media studies blog by John Schott, Ratchet Up.

Second, Eric Alterman has a pointer to Rebecca A. Goetz’s CHE article on academic blogging and explains that acadmic blogs are valuable because they raise “questions for scholar and layman alike about important questions that relate to both simultaneously. There are many of these and it’d be a shame to lose them.” While you’re in the neighborhood, check out Rebecca’s blog.

Finally, I’ve been out of the loop for the last few days (job market stuff, film screenings, research, the usual), so I completely forgot about the third installment of the Teaching Carnival, hosted by Scrivener. Worth noting: the rebirth of Palimpsest as a wiki.

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