Indie Film Notes

I’m in full putting-out-forest-fire mode, so entries for the next few days may consist of fragments and partial maps of ideas for some articles I’m writing. Today, I’m working through some ideas related to the discussion of “independent cinema” I mentioned a few weeks ago. With that in mind, I’m linking to two somewhat unrelated articles.

The first is simply a promo piece on the Independent Spirit Award nominees. It’s tempting, of course, to be dismissive of the definition of “indpendent” represented in these awards, which tends to promote a relatively narrow image of indie, but I’m also interested in thinking about what people working on the “margins” of Hollywood can do politically (this is not to dismiss those working completely outside of Hollywood, of course, but to complicate these boundaries altogether).

Second is a mediageek blog entry on that NYT article on the independent filmmakers who put themselves over $50,000 in debt making their film, which has screened at over a dozen film festivals, gambling that it would get picked up for distribution. The mediageek entry discuses alternatives to the festival model, including touring with your film (much like an indie rock band might tour to promote an album), something Sujewa is planning to do with his film.

Oh, and I just wanted to mention that tonight I’ll be catching one of the films at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, the first time in several weeks that I’ve had a chance to see a movie in the theater (I have been way too busy). Tonight’s pick is La Petite Jerusalem, which looks really good.

Update: Here’s the DC City Paper article on the Film Festival.

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