Sunday Afternoon Film Reads

Just a couple of quick links while I take a short break on my MLA paper (it’s moving along pretty well), both via GreenCine. First, a pointer to Roger Ebert’s Top Ten List for 2005. The list is an interesting one, even though I still don’t understand the hype for Crash. Scroll down for a list of candidates for his “Overlooked Film Festival,” held annually in Champaign, Illinois.

I’ve also been thinking about definitions of and possibilities for “independent cinema” over the last few weeks (these questions inform my MLA paper), so the news, reported here by Anne Thompson, that Dreamworks was sold to Paramount a few days ago was of interest to me. Thompson’s analysis makes some sense here: “That DreamWorks couldn’t survive as a stand-alone company has everything to do with the words ‘studio’ and ‘independent.'”

And, also relevant to the paper I’m currently writing, James Meek’s consideration of Jarhead in the context of previous war films, especially Vietnam films.

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