Why We Fight Controversy

I’ve already bought my ticket for a Friday night screening of Eugene Jarecki’s Why We Fight and am very much looking forward to seeing it. I’d heard from a number of reviewers that one of the documentary’s “stars” is Arizona Senator John McCain. As Nora Ephron points out, McCain often seems to inspire unabashed hero-worship in many TV pundits (she specifically mentions Chris Matthews), and now even Jarecki seems to be viewing McCain as a heroic member of Congress for his role in combatting some of the improprieties in the war in Iraq. I’ll admit that this enthusiasm for McCain is a bit frustrating because the Arizona Senator is hardly progressive on a number of issues that I find important, so Jarecki’s positive portrayal of him had made me somewhat cautious about the film.

But apparently, despite his “star” status, McCain’s office is less than pleased with Jarecki’s film, in part because the documentary makes it appear as if McCain is questioning Cheney’s involvement in awarding contracts to Halliburton, the company he used to run back in the day.

Steve Clemons’ review of the film and his response to the McCain controvery is well worth reading in full, and I won’t attempt to summarize it without having seen the film. I will, however, be watching it with this debate in mind on Friday. Now, if only I’d been paying attention to The Washington Note a few days ago, I could have seen Why We Fight a week earlier.

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