DCIFF Screenings

Finally have some time tonight to trek down to the DC Independent Film Festival, and it looks like several good films will be playing tonight. My choices: Julie Gustafson’s Desire, in which the director gave video cameras to young women from three New Orleans neighborhoods and allowed them to chronicle their lives over the course of several years, looks really interesting. Desire is playing at 7 PM at DC’s Goethe-Institut.

The series of short films starting at 8:50, including Escape Velocity and Smitten, also looks good.

Update: Just noticed that on Friday The Objective (website), which was filmed in EA-Games Battlefield 2 Engine, will be playing at the Jewish Cultural Center at 6:30 PM.

And while I’m linking, Saturday’s Band of Sisters and Beyond Babylon, playing at 11 AM Saturday (so early!) also look interesting.

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