Books on Video

I’ve been flipping through Richard Dienst’s Still Life in Real Time: Theory After Television and just wanted to remind myself to revisit these books when I’m researching my paper on The Ring:

  • James Lardner, Fast Forward: Hollywood, the Japanese, and the VCR Wars, 1991.
  • Jane Gaines, Contested Cultures: Image Properties in the Industrial Age, 1991.
  • Sean Cubitt, Timeshift: On Video Culture, 1991.

In part, I want to work through how these books trace the technological development of VCRs, at least partially in order to address how videotape follows a different structure of tempoarlity than television. Video originally appeared to offer a much more liberating relationship to TV, permitting viewers to rearrange TV signals in a variety of ways (Dienst 23). Now, of course, it appears remarkably clunky in relationship to the ability of digital technologies to manipulate images, and tapes themselves eventually decay. Of course, none of this has anything to do with the blogging paper I’m supposed to be writing.

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