Friday Afternoon Film Links

Just a few links I don’t want to lose:

First, Sujewa tipped me off to The War Tapes, which looks like it should be a fascinating documentary:

In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened, several members of one National Guard unit arrived in Iraq, carrying digital video cameras.

THE WAR TAPES is the movie they made with Director Deborah Scranton and a team of award-winning filmmakers. It’s the first war movie filmed by soldiers themselves on the front lines in Iraq.

The documentary follows the soldiers throughout their tour and has been endorsed by Chris Hedges, author of War is the Force that Gives us Meaning, who comments that The War Tapes is “a film of rare honesty and power that exposes, from the eyes of those who fight the war, the revolting and soul-numbing world of combat.” It’s worth noting that Scranton has emphasized that she worked closely with the soldiers in editing the film and sought to earn their trust in representing their experiences of the war. Regular readers may know that I’ve done some writing on documentaries about the war in Iraq, and so I’m very curious to see this film.

I also want to point to a Washington Times article from a few weeks ago about the use of digital projection at some local movie theaters. According to the article, it sounds as if audiences are responding positively to digital projection, but given the money involved, I have to wonder whose financial interests are being served by here (the article reads a bit like a promotional piece).

Finally, both Sujewa and David have reminders calling for donations to help keep AIVF afloat during its current financial difficulties.

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