Sunday Afternoon Film Reads

I’m still working on a couple of projects, but that doens’t mean I can’t do a little procrastination blogging. One of my current projects is a short essay on all of the claims about the “end of cinema” proclamations we’ve been hearing over the last few years, as digital production, distribution, and exhibition become more commonplace. There’s no question that digital technologies have had a tremendous effect on moviemaking, but as I’ve suggested in the past, I think these claims about the end of cinema often try to identify a radical break when one doesn’t exist, but I’m more interested in how this “break” is described. With that in mind, Matt Zoller Seitz’s discussion of a recent Time Magazine article on “cinema’s digital future,” which Matt usefully contextualizes with Godfrey Cheshire’s 1999 NYPress article, “The Death of Film/The Decay of Cinema.”

Also, via some indieLoop surfing, I discovered Documentary Insider, a new-to-me blog about a favorite subject of mine. Since I have a number of readers in the Los Angeles area, I’ll go ahead and mention an upcoming Academy Panel, “Documentries of Dissent, Part II,” scheduled for April 7. Go to Documentary Insider for the details, but it looks like a really cool panel.


  1. Sarah Jo Marks Said,

    March 26, 2006 @ 5:19 pm

    Chuck, Thanks for linking to my blog. I’ll be reading! SJ

  2. Chuck Said,

    March 26, 2006 @ 8:30 pm

    Great! I’m adding your blog to my blogroll now.

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