Sunday Morning Links

Via the cinetrix and Peter, this great parody trailer for a Michael Bay version of March of the Penguins from the folks at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

Interesting Washington Post interview with Nicole Holofcener, who directed Friedns With Money, and Mary Harron, who directed The Notorious Bettie Page, both of which will be playing DC starting this Friday, April 21. Among other issues, Ann Hornaday asks them about the opportunities available for women filmmakers today, but they also have an interesting conversation about sex scenes in Hollywood films (both Harron and Holofcener speculate that female directors may be more likely to “demystify sex” than male directors). It’s a solid interview, especially when Holofcener and Harron play off of each other and discuss their shared experiences as independent filmmakers.

Finally, I just learned about this interesting little project called The 1 Second Film, a 70mm non-profit collaborative film, where for a one-dollar donation, anyone can buy a producer’s credit. The film features one second (24 frames) of animation and an estimated ninety minutes of credits, which will also include a making-of documentary. All profits from the film will go to the Global Fund for Women.

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