Cellphone Cinema

Via Eugene Robinson’s Washington Post column: the You Tube video, “Bus Uncle,” which features an oddly compelling argument between two passengers on a Hong Kong bus captured by a third passenger on his cell phone.

The basic plot: a middle-aged man has been talking too loudly on his cell phone and a younger pasenger behind him taps the older man on the shoulder to ask him to lower his voice. The older man then begins lecturing the younger passenger, repeatedly alluding to the “pressures” of daily life while gradually becoming more and more profane. And as Robinson points out the episode concludes perfectly with the older man getting another cell phone call and turning to answer it. Of course, Robinson points out that the scene is fascinating in part because it illustrates just how easily a scene from everyday life in Hong Kong can very quickly be transmitted across the globe with millions of potential viewers ready to watch. The version I watched has been viewed nearly a million times in less than a month. Not sure I have much to add, but it’s an intriguing little video.

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