DeLay’s Dollars

While skimming Robert Greenwald’s blog this morning, I came across his link to DeLay’s Dollars, which is designed to raise awareness of the Hammer’s ethics violations and his questionable fundraising practices. The game requires the user to move DeLay across the bottom of the screen to catch bags of cash falling from the sky while dodging indictment and ethics violation letters, with each round taking DeLay to the sites (St. Andrews in Scotland, for example) most associated with his funraising efforts. When DeLay loses (and he inevitably does), he announces in a huff, “I’m going home!” After playing the game, the user is taken to the website of Nick Lampson, the Democratic candidate for DeLay’s (former?) district. The game works well as relatively humorous political satire, even if DeLay is now a bit of an easy target.

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