Lazy Friday Reality TV Links

At this point, the LonleyGirl15 phenomenon has pretty much run its course. There may be new videos, but with the revelation of the actual creators of the series, the buzz has faded considerably. Still, LG15 is a creative use of video podcasting, and I don’t want to lose track of Henry Jenkins’ blog entry on the series, which aptly notes that LG15 has a number of precedents, including Sadie Benning’s pixelvision videos and Sony’s Rachel’s Room videos in its playful blend of epistolary narratives and reality TV conventions. He then proceeds to explore how we should engage with the many varieties of YouTube fakery that have been crossing our computer screens. If I hadn’t had such a long week, involving driver’s tests, car problems, and other fun activities, I’d have a bit more to say on this topic.

But speaking of reality TV, I’ve discovered that there must be something in the water here in Fayetteville that breeds reality TV contestants. According to our very cool local newspaper, one of the finalists for this season’s Survivor is from right here in Fayetteville, as is 2003 winner (Survivor: Pearl Islands), Sandra Diaz-Twine.

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