Lazy Post-SCMS Blogging

Still recovering from SCMS, but here are some links I don’t want to lose:

  • First, via the cinetrix, the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival has announced its list of new documentaries in competition at this year’s festival. Among the many cool choices, blog friend AJ Schnack’s Kurt Cobain About A Son, North Carolina neighbor Godfrey Cheshire’s Moving Midway, and Talk to Me, filmmaker Mark Craig’s compilation of twenty years of answering machine messages.
  • The cinetrix also points to The Onion’s list of movies starring “Magical Black Men.” I still think the Nic Cage Wonderful Life rip-off, The Family Man belongs somewhere on that list.
  • Dr. Mabuse has a few SCMS links, including Michael’s wrap-up post and Chris Cagle’s review post.

According to my count, this is my fifth SCMS conference–somehow it feels like more–and like Michael, I can’t help but respond to the conference’s tremendous growth over the last decade. This growth speaks to the continued relevance of film and media, and I’m happy to see the conference become a much larger tent, welcoming panels on television, music, radio, and digital media. I don’t really have time to blog specific panels, but the conference was a rewarding one.

Update: Via GreenCine, Joe Swanberg and Kris Williams’s Nerve video series Young American Bodies is entering its second season. I was a big fan of the first season, and the first video of the second season looks promising. GreenCine also has a video interview with Swanberg.

Update 2: GreenCine also has a report from Austin about Austin native Richard Linklater’s SXSW conversation with John Pierson.

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