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Still recovering from a long weekend of conferencing and travel. There’s no easy way to travel from Fayetteville to most major cities, so I spent most of the day Sunday on various modes of transportation. But I very much enjoyed my first Media in Transition conference and will certainly try to return to the conference in the future. I probably won’t have time to blog the many panels and plenaries that I attended, so instead, I’ll try to point to some other people who have been posting about the conference, including Axel Bruns’ impressive report on my panel, “Culture 2.0.”

Other blog reports on MIT 5 are available from Jason (see especially his discussion of his lost panel), redline, Jill (who also notes the number of folks who Twittered the conference), Jean (who posted slides from her paper), Mike, and Tarleton Gillespie. While I’m thinking about it, I also want to mention Ravi Jain’s very cool videoblog, Drive Time, which Ravi discussed during the panel he shared with Mike.

Henry Jenkins also has an extended post requesting further comment as the organizers plan for MIT 6 as well as providing links to podcasts of the plenaries (a very cool idea). Reading all of the other conference posts and Twitters, I now wish that I’d made the effort to drag my laptop around Boston and Cambridge for the conference because the panels I attended gave me a lot to process as I move into summer writing mode.

Update: I completely forgot to mention that I met “cyborganize,” the person behind these great Battlestar commentary vlogs, which came across my path a few months ago when I was doing research for my “future of science fiction TV” paper. Also worth checking out, Jean has an extended post on the ways in which Twitter and blogs and other social networking technologies served to mediate the conference in various ways. Hoping to return to that point later, in part because I made the deliberate decision not to carry around my laptop for this particular conference (except on the last day when I had to read my paper off the monitor because of an unexpected printing problem).


  1. cyborganize Said,

    May 1, 2007 @ 10:17 pm

    hello! it was a pleasure to meet you, and I’m glad I made it to your early early paper because I really enjoyed it (probably everyone had a “did you see this trailer?” for you, but: Titanic the Sequel (on YouTube)? it’s brilliant, and I think closer to a hybrid of trailer and fanvid than many of them).

  2. Chuck Said,

    May 2, 2007 @ 9:12 am

    I have seen the Titanic trailer, but I’m glad you mentioned it because I’d forgotten how good it is. I’ve done a lot of writing on time-travel films, so I find (almost) anything that plays with that concept hilarious.

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