Wednesday Afternoon Links

What I’ve been reading and looking at instead of grading student papers:

  • I’ve lost the source, but here are a few photos tagged “MIT5” from last weekend’s Media in Transition conference. I can’t find myself in any of the photos, which is a good thing because I have an aversion to being photographed, but David did take a few photos of the audience for our panel.
  • I think I somehow missed Kim Middleton’s post on MIT 5. Sam Ford’s posts from the Convergence Culture Consortium are also worth checking out.
  • On a related note, Karina has a follow-up to her New TeeVee column on movie mashups by women, a point I addressed in my MIT 5 paper. Karina did find the interesting looking film review series, Girls on Film. More on that tonight when I’ve had time to watch a couple of episodes (or at least feel less guilty about not grading).
  • Anne Thompson cites a USA Today article arguing that comedy shorts are the “killer app” of the online video world.
  • Also worth noting: Lost Remote points to a Wired article reporting that the US Army has ordered soldiers not to post to personal blogs or send emails without clearing the content with a superior. Failure to comply could result in a court-martial among other penalties. Soldiers’ blogs and writings have provided me with an important perspective on the war, and I’d hate for that to be taken away.

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