Wide Awake and Storming the Gates

Lots happening at the home office of The Chutry Experiment. I’ve been frantically finishing an article that I’d temporarily shelved, hence the relative blog silence (said article is now in the mail). And later this week, I’ll be traveling to Champaign, Illinois to visit some very good friends of mine. It’ll be great to see them again, and I’m also looking forward to seeing Chamapign, where I lived for two years while finishing my PhD.

I’m revisiting some of my work on documentary this summer and I happened to notice an advertisement for Alan Berliner’s latest documentary, Wide Awake, which deals with insomnia. There’s an “insomniac premiere” Tuesday night at 1:30AM. Since I’ll probably be awake–I’ve fallen deep into my summer schedule–I may try to watch, but as a fan of Berliner’s The Sweetest Sound, I’m curious to see what he’s doing in his latest doc.

Comments are still down, so I’ve been posting elsewhere when I think it’s relevant. If you’re so inclined, check out my latest contribution to the blogger-critic fray, a response to Richard Schickel’s remarkably undemocratic anti-blogger screed.

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