Thursday Links

Still writing for some relatively immediate deadlines, so just a quick pointer to a couple of links. I’m still apparently having problems with comments here (again, signing in through TypeKey seems to be working), which has made blogging seem like much more of a one-way activity lately and seems like it may be changing how I blog. Kathleen wrote recently about the ways in which blogging consistently changes the way she sees the world, and I think that my uncertainty about whether anyone is reading has changed how I blog, which in turn, may be changing how I see the world (and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of not commenting on others’ blogs as frequently as I should, especially now that I’m reading blogs through an RSS feed). I’m blogging relatively consistently this summer, but for whatever reason, the blog feels less like it’s part of a conversation and more like it’s part of a monologue.

At any rate, via Adrian, I just discovered that film and media scholar Sean Cubitt now has a blog. Given my own interests in the relationship between screen and media cultures and configurations of public and private, I was particularly taken by his discussion of Virilio and the iPod. I like his reading that one of the main distinctions between the iPod and the Walkman is the “shuffle” function, which perhaps intensifies the sense of privacy in public already associated with the Walkman.

Thanks to Tama’s delicious page, I also came across yet another trailer mashup, this time combining Star Wars with Boogie Nights, which is just a great combination on about fifty different levels. Enjoy.

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