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I originally planned my previous post on the “art house musical” Once as a links post, but found myself wanting to write in a little more detail about it (hence the introductory rant about not being able to see Sicko). And if you’re one of my Fayetteville readers, go see the film this week–it’s playing here for one week only. But here are a few videos, blog entries, and articles I’ve been planning to mention:

  • First, congratulations to Chris Hansen, whose sharply funny mockumentary, The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah, has received a DVD distribution deal from Reel Indies, which will make it available in DVD retailers and on Netflix. This is incredible news for a film with no stars and a tiny budget. And it’s well deserved. I was one of the fortunate people who got to see American Messiah early on, and it’s a great film.
  • Second, a couple of links from CinemaTech, including a post offering a taxonomy of web video from Dina Kaplan of blip.tv and a discussion of Disney and Pixar’s use of bloggers to market Ratatouille. I think there’s little doubt that this type of marketing will become more common in the near future, as we increasingly encounter what I have come to call “networked film publics.” I’m planning a more detailed post on that term in the next couple of days, but for now, I’m thinking about it in terms of the ways in which film audiences are increasingly connected via the web. It’s also meant to evoke concepts of film audiences as a kind of alternative public sphere (as discussed by Miriam Hansen, among many others).
  • Karina directed me to the ultimate sequel, Arnie vs. Sly, a humorous, if slightly long mashup of films involving the two action stars. Stick with the video until the ending, which is actually pretty funny.
  • TPM Cafe reports on Hillary Clinton’s plan to release several web videos from the campaign trail. Now, of course, the promise of “unvarnished” access to a campaign is probably a slight exaggeration, but I think Clinton is smart to use web video in this way (it humanizes her and serves as an implicit response to those Hillary-Big Brother comparisons). It’s certainly interesting to follow how web video is being used in the2008 election, or perhaps more precisely, how web video is mediating the election. Again, a longer post on this topic may be forthcoming.

Update: Edited to correct some minor typos.

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