Thursday Media Links

Making progress on the book, so I haven’t had as much time to blog, but just wanted to quickly mention a couple of media notes:

  • First, Lawrence Lessig has an interesting article on Lucasfilm’s experiments with “remix culture.” Lessig points out that while Lucas has made clips from his films available for fans to remix, Lucas retains relatively tight control over what fans produce.
  • Second, I mentioned that the Sundance Channel is showing Jem Cohen’s Chain this month, but here’s a reminder that it’s airing tonight (at 10:15 EDT on Sundance West). I’ve already mentioned that Chain is one of my favorite recent films, but I’d really like others to check it out and let me know what they think.
  • Finally, Peter at Coffee coffee and more coffee responds to Andy Horbal’s blog-essay on “film criticism in the blog era.”  Peter argues that “what the serious film bloggers do best is write about past films in the present tense.”  It’s an interesting argument, one that is certainly backed up by the  wealth of posts that are produced for every film blogathon, though I’m fully aware that my own blog tends to have a bit of a presentist bias.

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