Thursday Media Miscellany

Getting ready to go back into writing mode, but just wanted to point to a few links that crossed my radar:

  • Scott Kirsner at CinemaTech points to an interesting Hollywood Reporter article predicting that the number of theaters with digital projection will surpass the number with film projectors by 2010.  As I’ve mentioned, the Carmike theaters here in Fayetteville are equipped with digital projectors, and I’m guessing that most audience members don’t notice a significant difference.
  •  Karina has a YouTube clip of the Hannah Takes the Stairs trailer.  I’ve been thinking about the Mumblecore gang quite a bit lately in my chapter on distribution in the digital era, so I’m very much looking forward to eventually seeing Hannah.  Karina also mentions that the film’s theatrical debut will take place during the IFC Center’s New Talkies: Generation DIY series, which I desperately wish I could attend.
  • Chris Cagle of Category D fame has launched two new blogs with Diana King (and, it would appear, Paul Harrill): Now on DVD and Not on DVD.  The former focuses on new DVD releases, concentrating on obscure, experimental, and art films and videos.  The latter focuses on films and videos currently unavailable on home-market DVD.  Both blogs should be outstanding resources for teachers and scholars of film studies, as well as cinephiles in general.  As Chris points out, this niche isn’t widely covered in the film blogosphere, and it’s a field that will benefit from the collective wisdom of the film blogging community.
  • There’s an interesting New York Times article from a few days ago about companies that transfer home movies to DVD.   I have to admit some ambivalence here.  While I realize that DVD is the format that is currently most accessible, I also wonder what gets lost in the transfer process.  With the annual Home Movie Day fast approaching, I think it’s worth pointing to their claim that, with proper care and storage, the original films can often last longer than digital or video copies.


  1. Chris Cagle Said,

    August 13, 2007 @ 8:17 am

    Chuck, thanks for the link. Membership is not limited to Tennessee grads… you or your readers should feel free to join! I have a feeling it will take a while to get the site rolling, given everyone’s schedule, but am excited by the idea of it.

  2. Chuck Said,

    August 15, 2007 @ 4:23 pm

    Hi, Chris. Agreed that a collectively-authored blog would be better here. Hopefully I’ll find some time to contribute soon, but with another year of a 4/4 teaching load staring me in the face, I may be forced to cut back to cameo appearances in the blogosphere.

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