Random Bullets I Didn’t Mention in My Previous Post

A few random bullet points that I’ve been planning to blog:

  •  This iPhone bill spoof is prety funny, although it’s pretty ancient in viral video time (it was posted about eight days ago, which might as well be a decade on YouTube).
  • Nels pointed out the Oracle of Starbucks, which tells you about your personality based on your typical Starbucks entry.  Mine is perfect.  I’m an asshat: “You carry around philosophy books you haven’t read and wear trendy wire-rimmed glasses even though you have perfect vision. You’ve probably added an accent to your name or changed the pronunciation to seem sophisticated. You hang out in coffee shops because you don’t have a job because you got your degree in French Poetry. People who drink venti iced americano are notorious for spouting off angry, liberal opinions about issues they don’t understand.”  The Oracle has obviously been reading my blog in its spare time.
  • Another political parody video from the Barely Political gang.  This time it’s the Romney Girls (there are three of them) attacking Obama Girl.
  • Scott at CinemaTech points to an interesting Hollywood Reporter on the growth of 3-D screens.  Despite the strong box office this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more 3-D films as a way of creating unique theatrical experiences that cannot be (easily) replicated on home screens, whether TVs or computers.

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