“Other Things that Happened”

One of my Twitter connections pointed out this MTV interview with David Lynch to promote the DVD of his most recent movie, Inland Empire. I didn’t have time to write a full review when I saw it in theaters a few months ago, but I was taken with Lynch’s experimental use of digital technologies in making the movie, and Lynch discusses the ways in which digital technologies have altered how he will make movies in the future.

But what I find more interesting about the interview is Lynch’s discussion of the extras he has included on the Inland Empire DVD. Lynch has famously avoided contributing commentary tracks to the DVD releases of his films, arguing that after we hear a commentary track, “the film is seen in terms of the memory of that commentary and it changes things forever.” But Inland Empire has made extensive use of other “extras,” including approximately 70 minutes of additional footage that was not included in the already very long film. Lynch describes these scenes as “other things that happened,” comparing them to meeting a family “except for the sister who lives in Ohio” and suggests that deleted scenes can provide a fuller picture of the world depicted in the film.

The MTV interview is worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in some of the issues pertaining to how digital media have come to shape the ways in which we can think about cinema as a medium and institution. Not much to add here. I’m still adjusting to the new semester and working towards some major deadlines, so expect infrequent blogging to continue for the next few weeks.

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