War and Exile

Like many bloggers, I’ve been following Riverbend’s Baghdad Burning blog off and on ever since the war started back in 2003.  Riverbend, a twenty-something Iraqi woman living in Baghdad, provided one of the most compelling first-person accounts available of the initial attack, the insurgency, and many of the events over the last four years.  And now, Riverbend and her family have joined millions of other Iraqis in exile (2.35 million according to Meteor Blades), in her case in Syria, one of only two countries–Jordan is the other–accepting Iraqi refugees without a visa.

Riverbend’s narrative of her family’s long, difficult journey across the border into Syria is an important reminder of the devastating effects of the war and a compelling account of what it means to be exiled from one’s homeland.

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    […] was grateful to stumble on Chuck Tryon’s post about Riverbend. She is Iraqi and has been blogging for some time about her experience there. […]

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