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I forgot to mention this a few weeks ago when the original SCHIP legislation was being considered, but now that Bush has vetoed it, every vote counts in overturning the veto. Our representatives here in Fayetteville, Bob Etheridge and Mike McIntyre, are two of only eight Democrats to vote against the legislation, but if we can let Reps. Etheridge and McIntyre know how important SCHIP actually is, then perhaps they’ll reconsider. I’ve included their contact information below, as well as the contact information for several other members of Congress who originally voted against the bill (thanks to Bitch PhD for the details).

Jim Marshall (D-GA)–Washington, D.C. Office (202)225-6531; Macon, GA Office 1-877-464-0255; Tifton, GA Office (229)556-7418.

Baron Hill (D-IN)–Washington, D.C. Office (202)225-5315; Jeffersonville, IN Office (812)288-3999; Bloomington, IN Office (812)336-3000.

Gene Taylor (D-MS)–Washington, D.C. Office (202)225-5772; Bay St. Louis, MS Office (228)469-9235; Gulfport, MS Office (228)864-7670; Ocean Springs, MS Office (228)872-7950; Hattiesburg, MS Office (601)582-3246; Laurel, MS Office (601)425-3905.

Bob Etheridge (D-NC)–Washington, D.C. Office (202)225-4531; Raleigh, NC Office (919)829-9122 or 1-888-262-6202; Lillington, NC Office (910)814-0335 or 1-866-384-3743.

Mike McIntyre (D-NC)–Washington, D.C. Office (202)225-2731; Lumberton, NC Office (910)735-0610; Fayetteville, NC Office (910)323-0260; Wilmington, NC Office (910)815-4959; Bolivia, NC Office (910)253-0158.


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