Presidential Debates and YouRhetoric

Just wanted to mention Dave Parry’s very interesting In Media Res post on the YouTube debate.  I’ve frequently expressed skepticism about the hype over what has frequently been called the “YouTube election” because  it often verges into  “Elections 2.0” territory, but I think that Parry is basically right to point out that the YouTube debate offers at least a slight power shift when it comes to political participation.  I remain fascinated by the layers of mediation during the debate, and Parry is right to point out that the videos allow the questioners to present themselves in their own environment, at home, often next to family photographs, which is quite a bit different than the “town hall” format sometimes used in prior debates.  That being said, I still find myself all too aware of the moderating presence of Anderson Cooper in shaping the format and potentially dulling some of these personal edges.  But Parry’s comments (like all IMR posts) are well worth checking out.

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