A Modest Proposal

After reading Mark Hemingway’s editorial in The National Review, “Meet the New Frosts, Same as the Old Frosts,” I’m no longer sure that students will recognize this as satire. In short, Hemingway essentially argues that 2-year old Bethany Wilkerson should never have been conceived because her parents have jobs that don’t offer health insurance benefits, calling their decision to become parents “irresponsible.”

Hemingway also criticizes the Democrats for choosing a “photogenic” child for calling attention to the SCHIP issue. Imagine that. A political party using TV-ready children to rally support for a specific cause. As I tried to argue earlier, what bothers me about this issue is that conservatives have been able to do anything other than to resort to either silly or malicious ad hominem attacks against these two families who have gone public in attesting to the need not only to sustain but expand SCHIP to more needy families.

Thanks to Think Progress for the link (and to Olbermann for continuing to cover this issue).

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