Rethinking Scholarly Publishing

Kathleen Fitzpatrick has an interesting new article about the new online publication technology, CommentPress. The article, “CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New Networked Texts,” addresses the many challenges associated with delivering, storing, and organizing scholarly content in the age of electronic media. The article was written in the CommentPress format, allowing individuals to comment on individual paragraphs within the essay, so please do check out the essay and participate in this very useful conversation (also check out this Chronicle article on CommentPress and related electronic publishing issues).

Update: I finally got the chance to give Kathleen’s article a (relatively) close read, and I just wanted to highlight her arguments about the role of blogs in facilitating what she calls “scholarly discourse networks” and how those networks can be used to facilitate the kinds of interactions and conversations that are vital to our profession (with blogs functioning as what she calls “conferences-without-walls”).  The bigger question that she’s asking, however, about whether (and how) the interactivity associated with blogging and the scholarship associated with books can be merged is especially interesting.  Like her, I think CommentPress (see her article for an example) is an important gesture in that direction.

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