Okay, so I’m a little distracted today, but while I was taking a break from grading students’ blog portfolios, I came across this article on Salon about the Moveon.org-sponsored parties for screening Robert Greenwald’s documentary, Uncovered. Greenwald’s film, which I haven’t yet seen, traces the deceptive language that many leaders in the Bush administration used to convince the American public that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction.

I can’t comment on the film just yet, but I’m intrigued by the skill with which Moveon.org was capable of coordinating this mass screening. According to the article, there were approximately 2,600 screening parties on Sunday alone, a rather large number for an hour-long documentary film. Greenwald compares this number to the 4,000 screens on which blockbuster films are released, which does seem a little misleading (blockbusters screen several times a day, often to a large, packed theater), but I think it’s another useful illustration of Moveon.org’s ability to facilitate the networking of progressives.

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