More Tuesday Links

I have to head out for a meeting shortly, but I just wanted to mention two other (non-strike) links really quickly:

  • First, a book collection to which I contributed a chapter, The Essential Science Fiction Reader, is now showing up on the University Press of Kentucky homepage.  It’s nice to see the collection getting positive reviews from a couple of respected media and SF scholars and it’s pretty cool to see that the book is coming out soon.
  • Second, in addition to an article, I’ve already co-written on political mashups, one of my projects this year is a book chapter on web video and the 2008 elections, so I’m starting to track down news articles and other popular articles on the phenomenon.  This Washington Post article is generally a good overview, offering pointers to a number of videos I haven’t yet seen, although like most news articles, the focus is on whether individual videos are “good” or “bad” for candidates, not on how web video itself might be affecting the political process.  Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most common strains is a strong anti-Hillary sentiment, something that seems connected to the perception that her winning the nomination is inevitable (which was, basically, the point of Phil DeVellis’s “Vote Different”).

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