Thursday Afternoon Links

A few quick links before I meet my parents for dinner:

  • As Jason mentioned over at Dr. Mabuse, the preliminary SCMS program is now available online.  I’ll be delivering paper on Saturday afternoon, which is actually not a bad time.  I haven’t looked closely at the program, but it’s good to see a long list of Mabusers and friends among the participants. I also just found out that my panel was accepted to the Console-ing Passions conference in Santa Barbara in April, so I’ll get to travel quite a bit in the spring.
  • Turns out the FCC decided to loosen media ownership restrictions after all.  The FCC decision defies Congress and pretty much a vast majority of public opinion on both sides of the right-left divide.  As Jonathan Adelstein observes, the opinions of “three unelected bureaucrats” shouldn’t outweigh the arguments made by the thousands of us who have petitioned Congress, the FCC, and pretty much anyone else who’d listen.
  • And simply because I want to remind myself to read several of these books, here’s Micah Sifry of techPresidnet on several of the most important “tech-politics” books of 2007.

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