Rainy Friday Links

I’m working on an end-of-the-year list, but for now, just because I have time to post them, here are my links for the day:

  • The Hollywood Reporter has a series of articles predicting the Big Stories in entertainment for 2008. Some of their more interesting prognostications include the expectation that at least one major studio will dabble in day-and-date releasing, distributing one major film to theaters and to video-on-demand on the same day, and that there will be a resolution of the DVD format wars.  Also worth noting is the discussion of the plans for more 3-D entertainment experiences (is a 3-D Hannah Montana concert a movie? an event? both? something else?) at your local multiplex.
  • Steve Boone at The House Next Door points to his three-part interview with New York Press film critic Armond White.  While I often disagree with White, I find his willingness to counter the film-critical consensus refreshing.
  • The Down Low blog has a discussion of a possible iTunes plan to enter the video rental business.
  • TechPresident has a nice overview of what they regard as the best uses of the web among 2008 Presidential candidates.  No major surprises here (Ron Paul and Barack Obama tend to get rave reviews), but a useful overview of how the candidates are using the web this time around.
  • Speaking of politics and video, there’s a new ObamaGirl video, “You’re so Lame,” about our “Lame Duck” President.  To be honest, it’s not their strongest video (I only laughed once, when they compared Bush to a certain pop singer), but I’m a bit of a completist about these things.
  • Finally, the folks at if:book have a nice analysis of some of the New York Times’ new online features, including their interactive breakdown of the most recent Democratic debate (the last one before the Iowa Caucuses).

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