The End of the World and Other Links

A few more links while I take a break from my parents’ house:

  • A brilliant mashup of George W. Bush singing R.E.M.’s “End of the World as We Know It” and an older mashup of his dad singing “We Will Rock You.” Both via BoingBoing. Thanks to George, with whom I had a quick cup of coffee yesterday, for the link.
  • The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has compiled their Top Ten lists for 2007. Given the good buzz for The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, I may try to catch that tonight (or sometime before I leave town for the annual MLA convention).
  • Also worth checking out: A.O. Scott’s Top Ten Plus.  I didn’t mention Charles Ferguson’s No End in Sight in my “21 Media Moments” list, but the film deserves mention as one of the most thorough documentaries on the Iraq War to date.  Like him, I think there are actually quite a number of good movies out there this year.  Unlike him, I still think there is plenty to mock.  Also from the Times, Manohla Dargis also has an interesting list.

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