Twilight of Academic Freedom

While skimming through my blog archives this morning, I happened to notice that Marc Bousquet, author of How the University Works (my review), has posted another video interview, this time with Cary Nelson, the president of the American Association of University Professors.  Nelson talks at length about the threat to academic freedom represented by an increased reliance on contingent faculty (adjunct, part-time, and other non-tenure stream faculty).

It’s a good, quick overview of these issues in that it highlights the special vulnerability that many contingent faculty members face when presenting controversial views in the classroom.  Nelson also points out the degree to which contingent employment works against the ability of faculty to cultivate long-term mentoring relationships with their students.

Other recent and worthwhile interviews include this one with Michelle Masse on the continued gender inequality in the academic workplace and the “feminization” of certain fields and courses.

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