Saturday Six

Finally got a chance to do a quick blog tour this morning and, as always, found a bunch of pertinent and interesting stuff that I wish I had more time to blog:

  • The folks at TechPresident are asking a question that I’ve been thinking about as well. In working on my article on online political mashups and remixes, I’ve come across a number of videos supporting Obama, Clinton, Paul, and Huckabee, but few, if any, supporting McCain, so this begs two are questions: are there any pro-McCain mashup artists out there that I’m simply missing? If there aren’t any McCain mashups, why not?
  • John Heilemann’s “The Meme Prisoner:” A lot of people have been blogging this article about the “unfair” press coverage that Clinton has received as compared to Clinton. For the most part, I think the article gets things right, especially the ridiculous “boys club” coverage on MSNBC, with the exception of Olbermann. But while Obama may be benefiting from the “rock star” meme that has become attached to his campaign, even that meme may harm Obama in the long run by suggesting that his candidacy entails the privileging of style over substance, as Barbara Eherenreich points out.
  • No time to blog about it further, but because I address these issues in the book I’m writing, I just wanted to mark the moment that Blu-Ray triumphed over HD DVD. Unlike the somewhat more protracted battle between VHS and Beta, the industry seems to have consolidated behind Blu-Ray.
  • On a related note, Scott Kirsner has a link to a WSJ article on the two 3D concert films featuring Hannah Montana and U2, both of which are currently in theaters.
  • I wrote about this issue a few months ago, but Jeff has an insightful blog post on the quirks of the Netflix community recommendation tools.
  • Girish has a great question for cinephiles about uncanny overlaps between two seemingly disconnected films. I didn’t quite answer his question straight, but instead mentioned my uncanny overlap between watching Wayne Wang’s Smoke for the first time and what happened in a Dupont Circle bookstore immediately afterwards.

Update: One more via a Twitter tip: Yes We Can Has, which combines two great internet phenomena, LOL Cats and Obamania.

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