Friday Procrastination Links

Recovering from a long day of teaching yesterday, so I’m getting a very slow start on some writing I need to be doing. But I just wanted to mention some links that regular readers of the blog might be interested in checking out:

  • First, the P.O.V. Blog mentions a student filmmaking contest called Film Your Issue that invites students to make a short film about a political issue that is pertinent to them. There are a number of cool prizes, including internships at USA Today and P.O.V., as well as the opportunity to have your film screened at the Democratic, Republican , and NAACP conventions.
  • Second, Green Cine is hosting a liveblogging event for the 2008 Oscars. In the past few years, I’ve liveblogged the Oscars from here, but watching the Oscars with some of the coolest film bloggers out there sounds like it’ll be a lot more fun (thanks to Agnes, one of the participating bloggers, for the reminder).
  • I’m probably a bit late to the party on this one, but Molly Ringwald turned 40 (!?!) this week. Elana has a nice reflection on Ringwald’s place in the Generation X pantheon and a link to Defamer Australia’s video tribute.
  • Finally, HenryJenkins has an interesting interview with Alex Juhasz that focuses, to some extent, on her “Learning from YouTube” course last fall. I’ll be on a panel with Alex at the Consoling Passions in a few weeks, so it’s nice to read more about her experiences with teaching YouTube. Here’s her blog, as well. Update: Here’s Part 2 of the interview and a far more attentive reading from Chris at Category D.  Alex’s point about YouTube’s popularity rankings privileging “normal or hegemonic” ideas actually reinforces an idea I’ve been entertaining about viral “political” videos on YouTube.  The ones that are most widely blogged and spiral out into other media (cable TV, etc) are the ones that seem to conform most readily to already existing images of the candidates.

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