Not sure I have too much to say about Persepolis (IMDB), the movie adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s coming-of-age graphic novel.  The adaptation was relatively faithful to the comic book series, even preserving–to a great extent–the episodic structure of the collected comic books.  Like the graphic novel, the film uses what might appear to be a relatively crude black-and-white animation style that works well for the material, paradoxically giving the material an additional life that current animation often lacks with its emphasis on offering an illusion of depth (a point that Ebert raises in his review).

The film–like the comic books–also fulfills the important service of providing some historical background regarding the toppling of the Shah and the revolutions of the 1970s and how they might have affected an independent-minded, rebellious young person such as the young Marjane, who listens to Iron Maiden and wears a jacket with “Punk is not Dead” scrawled on the back.  I have some other writing projects I need to be working on, so I can’t write a longer entry, but I liked the film quite a bit and found it to be a nice companion to the graphic novels.

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