“Never Interrupt ObamaGirl”

Via the Barely Political website, ObamaGirl’s Saturday Night Live cameo from the other night. I almost never watch SNL anymore, but this is pretty funny stuff, and certainly appropriate given that the show is a pretty clear influence on the Barely Political team.

In other news, I’m probably not going to liveblog the Oscars this year, given that Green Cine already has a big liveblogging shindig planned. Plus, I’m making lots of progress on an article I’m writing, so I’ll probably work on that while watching the ceremony.

Update: NBC pulled the ObamaGirl sketch from YouTube, which is no big shock, but annoying given that the only time I find myself interested enough to even think about watching SNL again is when I see a clip on YouTube.  The arguments about YouTube clips actually bringing value back to the shows they cite or anthologize have been well-rehearsed, but I continue to find it frustrating that networks insist on pulling short segments of content from the web.

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