Our Brand is Change

A few days ago, I posted a quick pointer to an article on Barack Obama’s use of the Gotham typeface in virtually all of his campaign materials. Here is an interview from Newsweek with expert graphic designer Michael Bieruit on a similar topic.

Some interesting tidbits: Beiruit compares Obama’s brand to the brands of Target, Volkswagen, and Apple. The Apple comparison makes a lot of sense to me, especially given the deliberate connection that Phil deVellis and others have made between Obama and Apple. He also argues that Gotham appears to be a more “American” font than something like Helvetica while acknowledging that “in our imaginations to a certain degree.”

Link via Oliver Willis.

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    February 28, 2008 @ 5:06 pm

    […] Chuck links to an interview with Michael Bieruit dissecting the Obama brand. I do so love me some Michael Bieruit. […]

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