A Remix You Can Believe In

Remember that Jack Nicholson video endorsement I posted, like, two days ago? You know, the one that Michael described as “utterly pathetic” here in the comments section and that left Filmmaker Magazine editor Scott Macauley shaking his head and saying that the election is getting “too bizarre.” Well, Karina reports that an Obama supporter has already crafted a response, and to no one’s surprise, it’s a much better video, essentially turning Jack’s image and endoresment against itself.

As Karina notes, the film sets up a dialogue between Jack, as representative of Hillary’s campaign, and a the Obama campaign, which is represented by a series of black and white titles. Most of the clips from the new video, with one or two key exceptions, come from The Shining, and we watch as Jack becomes increasingly frustrated, his nervous tics and gestures becoming more and more prominent. I’m not sure I have much to add to Karina’s reading, other than to say that the Obama video is much sharper, both in its engagement with the original “Jack and Hill” video and with Jack’s star image.

I’m not surprised to see someone come up with a response to Jack and Hill, but I’m surprised–and pleased–that it was this good.

Update: All of this Jack and Hill stuff gives me a good excuse to link to Molly Lambert’s analysis of Nicholsonian masculinity over at This Recording.

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