Wednesday Night Links

Had a couple of hours to kill because I somehow managed to finish writing my SCMS presentation a day early.  I know I’ve mentioned that before.  I’m not bragging or anything, just mildly incredulous.  But that gives me just enough time to point to a few links I found while scouring the web this afternoon:

  • Hacking Netflix has an interesting article about a two-year agreement between Blockbuster and IFC where “Blockbuster will have an exclusive 60-day rental window for physical and digital rentals, with distribution rights for 3-years.”  The “exclusive deal” prevents a situation similar to what happened a couple of years ago when Blockbuster signed a distribution deal with the Weinstein Company.  I tend to agree with a lot of the comments that
    this isn’t a terribly good deal for the filmmakers.  I’d probably be a little more indignant about having to wait to watch IFC films, but I’m so far behind in my movie watching that I don’t have the energy.
  • Via the Cinetrix, a reminder that voting for the audience award for the Cinema Eye Honors documentary awards
    is now open.  If you go to the awards site, you can see short previews of all of the nominated films, which you should then go and add to your Netflix queue.
  • Agnes has an update on Michael Moore’s proposed “Documentary Night in America:”   According to indieWIRE’s Anthony Kaufman, documentary filmmakers seem to like the idea while industry insiders are skeptical about the plan’s feasibility. I still like Moore’s idea quite a bit.  I think there’s plenty of room to experiment with innovative screening practices that will provide indies and documentaries with more theatrical opportunities.  More on that later, if the mood strikes.
  • And for my readers who are superhero and Michael Chabon fans (I’m guessing there are dozens of you), a New Yorker article by Chabon on Superman (via Thompson on Hollywood).

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