Friday Links

Just a few links to check out because I really don’t want to grade papers right now:

  • Brave New Films has a new Fox Attacks Obama video, and I think this one is especially effective. The short video documents the introduction of certain anti-Obama smears (the assertion that he’s anti-patriotic or that he shares the beliefs of Louis Farrakahn) on Fox News and their eventual repetition on other news outlets, such as Tim Russert’s attempt to grill Obama during one of the debates.
  • The real reason Miley Cyrus was presenting an Oscar a few weeks ago: that 3-D Hannah Montana movie made a lot of money. There’s some interesting stuff in that Variety article about the future of motion picture exhibition, including a continued emphasis on the role of theaters in disseminating alternative content, including sporting events and, of course, concerts. David Halbfinger has more on the studios’ continued promotion of 3-D exhibition in theaters.
  • Pamela Cohn has a detailed entry promoting some of the big events at this year’s Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham. I’m still hoping to make it for at least a day or two, but my schedule in April is already pretty crowded.
  • Speaking of documentary, congrats to Agnes for being named one of Gina Telaroli’s ten most indispensable film blogs. The full list names a number of personal favorites, including Green Cine Daily and
  • The Nation has a mention of the upcoming Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings, sponsored by the Iraq Veterans Against War and modeled on the Vietnam War Winter Soldier hearings held in 1971 and documented in the film, Winter Soldier, a film that truly astounded me when I had the chance to teach it last fall in my “Documenting Injustice” course.

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