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Given how insanely busy my schedule has been lately (not that everyone else isn’t insanely busy, too), it appears that, at least for the next five or six weeks, Saturday is blogging day here at The Chutry Experiment.  But I finally found some time to dig through Google Reader and realized I’ve been missing a lot of interesting conversations and links:

  • There’s probably not anything to add to Jonathan Martin’s discussion of the McCain staffer who was fired for Twittering this anti-Obama video, which sought to compare Obama to Malcolm X and Tommie Smith and John Carlos, the two athletes who gave the Black Power sign at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City (also worth checking out, this Tapped interview).  The video itself is relatively sloppy work compared to other mashups and regurgitates some of the more ridiculous aspersions against Obama that have been discredited, including the ridiculous assertion that Obama isn’t patriotic.  Still, I’m trying to keep track of as many of these as possible, an this is one of the few implicitly pro-McCain mashups that I’ve seen (as always, if you see others, let me know) and certainly one of the few to really go viral (Outside the Beltway also has an interesting read).
  • YouTube and the Vancouver Film School have teamed up for a neat competition in which aspiring filmmakers can submit videos around the theme of “What Matters to You.”  The three winners of the contest will receive full scholarships to any of the school’s 14 Entertainment Arts programs.  Video submissions are due May 9.
  • Karina has an interesting post on “iTunes movie demographics,” speculating about the reasons why an eight-year old film such as Zoolander, which also plays quite often on TBS, might be among the site’s most popular download-to-own choices.  I think she’s spot-on about most of the demographic points and would only add that Zoolander isn’t one of those films that DVD collectors would feel the need to own, that the film is possibly more disposable than other films where the DVD extras might provide additional value.  NewTeeVee’s Chris Albrecht also discusses this story.
  • I missed the YouTube awards this year, but just wanted to point to the Political video nominees, most of which I found to be good choices, especially the winning video, Stop the Clash of Civilizations, which is very deserving of the prize.
  • Siva points to a video interview with Alice Marwick who discusses the question of what it means to be “Internet Famous.”  I mention this only because a colleague asked me an almost identical question in the hall the other day.  Like the interviewer, he cited Andy Warhol’s dictum about everyone being “famous” for fifteen minutes.  My answer was similar to Marwick’s in that the internet or blogosphere or whatever seems to produce moments of micro-celebrity, fame within a limited sphere of colleagues and friends.  These moments can explode briefly, as they have with P.Z. Myers’ recent and hilarious discussion of being expelled from Ben Stein’s pro-creationist film, Expelled (Myers’ story even made the New York Times).  Or they might be more enduring, but with a smaller circle of people (Myers has obviously already established a wide readership through his blog), but I think that Marwick’s comments on the effects of this new form of micro-celebrity are well worth checking out.
  • Via an email tip from a colleague, Kevin Connolly’s The Rolling Exhibition, in which Connolly, who was born without both of his legs, photographs people as they look at him.  The photographs themselves are fascinating as people attempt to make sense of (or impose a narrative onto, as Connolly suggests) the person they are seeing.  Katie Halper also has a blog post about this incredibly fascinating collection of photographs.
  • Finally, an odd story from TPM reporting that the sleeping girl in Hillary’s 3 AM ad is…an Obama supporter.  It turns out the Clinton ad uses stock footage of a sleeping girl that is several years old.  Well, that girl is now a young woman working as a precinct campaign for Obama.  More than anything, I think I’m surprised that the Clinton campaign chose to use stock footage instead of recording something new.  I can’t imagine that it would have been that expensive.

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