Friday Links

A couple of quick links while I’m procrastinating on reading an MA thesis and a set of papers:

  • Karina points to news about another Iraq doc, JD Johannes’s Outside the Wire (blog), that purports to see the war through the eyes of the soldiers. The DVD features three documentaries Johannes filmed while embedded with his old Marine Corps unit beginning in 2005, and Johannes bills the documentary series as the first “pro-troop” documentary. Consider me a little skeptical given the generally sympathetic depictions of the military in a number of Iraq docs, including The War Tapes and Gunner Palace, among others. Johannes also has the rather odd goal of trying to sell 2,900 copies of the DVD from his website in order to match the US box office totals of Brian DePalma’s Redacted, in order to convey that “pro-troop, pro-victory documentary can succeed in the market place by beating the domestic box office gross of an anti-war film.” Of course, given the degree to which Redacted flopped at the box office, I don’t think that’s a terribly strong message.
  • It appears that the “six word” meme that ran its course in the blogosophere a few months ago has spread to YouTube.  YouTuber micahsamaniac is calling for viewers to submit six word summaries of their life so far (or at the moment).  And so far there seem to be quite a few video responses (and many others in the comments).  I’m not quite sure if the meme works or not for video because it really only takes about eight seconds or so to say six words.
  • It may be gone soon, but Karina also points to Frederick Wiseman’s fascinating and disturbing 1967 documentary, Titicut Follies is available on Google Video.  Wisemen’s film offers an unsettling look at the treatment of patients in a Massachusetts  mental hospital.

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