Saturday Links

Doing some late evening revisions on my horror film article before going out for a midnight movie (Ben Stein’s Expelled, for reasons I can’t quite fathom, other than maybe the desire to write a snarky blog review). But just thought I’d mention this interesting Errol Morris interview by Bob Edwards. Morris primarily discusses Standard Operating Procedure, but it’s also interesting to hear Morris discuss the fact that he generally likes the people he interviews, even if he disapproves of their actions. The show also features an entertaining interview with Jeanne Hatch and Stan Goldman from the Young at Heart Chorus and the new documentary, Young at Heart.

Also, in order to build in some public accountability, I thought I’d mention that I’ve identified my next big run, the Outer Banks Half Marathon scheduled for early November. I may use the Outer Banks run as a tune up for the full Atlanta Marathon Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m not sure if I have the time to train for that.

Update: Just a quick note to mention that I always find it odd when someone finds my blog by doing a Google search for the exact same movie I happen to be watching on television.  I first noticed this happening a couple of years ago when I was watching Shattered Glass on IFC, and it just happened again with American Splendor, which I just now realized is nearly five years old.  It’s kind of a weird form of an imagined community. There’s someone else at home, bored on a Saturday night, who happens to be watching the same old movie, probably because there’s nothing else on.  Of course, this may also reflect my own narcissism (or boredom) that I happen to be paying such close attention to my blog stats.

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