Sunday Links

Clearing out my links so that I can write that promised snarky and/or horrified review of Ben Stein’s Expelled:

  • Jason Mittell of JustTV discusses his experience of being interviewed for an NPR segment on the appeal of American Idol. As Jason observes, it’s often difficult to communicate criticism of a show such as American Idol in a sound bite.
  • The P.O.V. Blog points to the news that Shelby Knox, the subject of the documentary, The Education of Shelby Knox (which I really liked), is now blogging and speaking about issues related to sex education.
  • Karina points to the trailer for the latest horror film from Blair Witch director Joe Myrick.  As Karina notes, the film pretty much looks like the Kabul Witch Project, complete with haunted technologies–including faulty compasses–and other mysterious, unexplained phenomena. Still, as an attempt to provide new narrative approaches to representing our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter almost forgotten by the U.S. media, I’m curious to see what Myrick is up to.
  • Scott Kirsner looks at various (legal) online indie film distribution sites for Film In Focus.
  • Karina and Kevin from Spout both look at the future of film criticism, in part in light of Nathan Lee being the fourth film critic forced out at the Village Voice.
  • Scott McLemee reviews Francois Cusset’s French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze & Co. Transformed the Intellectual Life of the United States.  Hoping I can find time to read it myself at some point this summer.

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