Sunday Links

Taking a break from writing to post a few links:

  • Via a Twitter connection, I just found out about David Modigliani’s new documentary, Crawford, which looks at the impact of George W. Bush’s presidency on his adopted hometown.  One of the details revealed in the trailer is that Bush and his family only moved there a few months before he ran for the president.  Also notable is how attentive the documentary is to the ways in which the image of Crawford is a construct of the news media, as TV camera operators choose backgrounds that emphasize the town’s bucolic, rural image.  But you can get an even more compelling discussion of the film from New Media Jim’s interview with Modigliani on QIK, a streaming video site I’ve just discovered that specializes in housing video taken by cell phones.
  • Not much to say about it, but I’m intrigued by this Washington Post editorial comparing the quality of Spanish-language news broadcasts to their English-language counterparts.  Like many people, I’ve been incredibly disappointed by the TV coverage of the Democratic presidential race.  But what’s interesting here is that Joe Matthews, the article’s author, counters the claims of critics of Telemundo and Univision such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, showing that Spanish language news actually prepares its viewers for the tasks of citizenship far better than other news sources.
  • Haven’t had time to watch the movie yet, but I enjoyed this Popular Mechanics article about the CGI effects used in Speed Racer.  I’m reading through Michelle Pierson’s Special Effects: Still in Search of Wonder in order to beef up my book chapter on CGI effects, and there are some interesting connections here.

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