Netflix Neighbors Revisited

I guess summertime is not only the time of equels and big Hollywood blockbusters but also of memes coming back to life.  I’ve been getting an unusual amount of search traffic for my post from a couple of years ago when I wrote about the Netflix “local favorites” feature, which at the time, I read as an attempt to simulate some of the localizing aspects of the neighborhood video store.  It turns out that the “Netflix neighbors” meme has been reborn with former Gawker writer Joshua Stein participating, among others.

The last time I tried out this meme, I noticed that Fayetteville tastes tended towards war movies and children’s movies, which isn’t surprising given the demographics here.  This time around, the top five are Karate Kid III (must be that Ralph Macchio cult here in town), The Unit: Season 2, Ned Kelly, Feel the Noise, and Shadowboxer.  Amazingly, I’m not even sure I’ve heard of the last two on that list.   Stein’s Williamsburg neighbors are just a little more interesting, at least from my perspective: they’re watching Do the Right Thing, La Jetee, and Blow Up.

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